Grand Masters Charity 2024/2025

Aktion Sorgenkinder in Bundeswehrfamilien des BwSW

The “Bundeswehr-Sozialwerk e.V. (BwSW)” is a non-profit organization that supports families and children of German Armed Forces members in need.

Since its foundation in 1960, the Bundeswehr-Sozialwerk (BwSW) has been focused on social commitment and solidarity with the weaker. This concern is more relevant than ever in today’s world. With its quick and uncomplicated options for action, the BwSW is an indispensable pillar of family-friendly organizational culture and official care for both soldiers and civilian employees of the Bundeswehr.

The great success of the campaign is solely due to the high willingness to donate.

For many years, it has been possible for physically and/or mentally impaired children of members of the German Armed Forces to take part in special leisure activities for a few weeks a year – under the supervision of trained care staff, in houses that are particularly suitable for this purpose. During this time, parents can recover from their often-self-sacrificing care work.

The BwSW also provides a wide range of individual assistance. Whenever they become aware of situations in which other social institutions do not make any payments, but the families cannot bear the burden on their own.

In addition, they provide assistance for all children from Bundeswehr families who are in need (e.g. due to the longer absence of a parent due to work (missions abroad), or death of the parents).

Transparency and participation are central foundations of social work. Therefore the BwSW always provides the latest information on its campaigns and work through the member magazines and the website. Interested parties can also exchange ideas with the BwSW and with each other at any time via Facebook and Instagram.

The “Campaign for Problem Children in Families of the German Armed Forces of the BwSW” shows that the Bundeswehr-Sozialwerk mobilizes social helpfulness and combines its own resources and competencies with the commitment of its members.

You too can help!

Send your Donation to “American Canadian Grand Lodge e.V.”,
IBAN: DE38 5004 0000 0314 5661 00,
Intended Purpose: “Aktion Sorgenkinder”

Thank you so much for your support!

Grand Masters Charity 2023/2024

Bridge to Kyiv – Brücke nach Kyiv

Grand Master MW Luis A Baez-Delgado selected “Brücke nach Kyiv” – “Bridge to Kyiv” as the charity project for the ACGL 2023-2024.
The “Bridge to Kyiv” association is a non-profit organization and supports people in need, especially children and large families.

Previously focusing on families that are in financial distress,in a low-income trap and/or suffered from the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the focus has now broadened up due to the raging conflict in Ukraine.

The goal is to help people to help themselves; people are encouraged to help improve their situation. The association “Bridge to Kyiv e. V.” emerged from the “Munich families help Kyiv families” initiative, which has existed since 1994, and has ensured that donations are managed and forwarded to Kyiv.

The association is run on a voluntary basis. 100% of the donations go directly to the people of Ukraine. The unavoidable management fees are financed from separate funds.

Grand Masters Charity 2022/2023

The Memorial Dedicatory Tree & Bench program

Grand Master MW Luis A Baez-Delgado selected “The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association” “Memorial Dedicatory Tree & Bench program” as the charity project for the ACGL 2022-2023. The goal of this project is to contribute to both the Tree & Bench in the name of the American Canadian Grand Lodge. As the Grand Master said let us push this charity to complete the sums needed for a Tree & Bench as soon as possible. That we can have them installed prior to the conference.

This great memorial to the Mason George Washington, was built with donations of the Grand Lodges within the United States of America and many other Masonic related organizations. The start of construction was 5 June 1922.

To commemorate the start of construction and celebrate the centennial of the laying of the cornerstone for this building, “The Conference Grand Masters of North America” will host their annual conference. A CORNERSTONE CEREMONY reenactment and parade were the highlights of this years convention.

The American Canadian Grand Lodge as a member of this conference was represented by our Grand Master and accompanied by members of his elected line. The GM is proud, that his Charity program was a success and the dedicatory Granite Bench was in place when the Grand Master attended the conference and dedication ceremony in February 2023.

Thanks for your help!!!

You can find out more on this years Conference of Grand Masters and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Centennial on the website of the Conference of Grand Masters 2023.

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