Part upon the Square – Grand Master Installation Speech

“I pledge to maintain the high standards set by our Past Grand Masters as we celebrate 60 years of brotherhood.”

Thank you to the installation team for this inspiring ceremony.

Distinguished East, Brothers, Ladies and Guests: It is my duty, but also my pleasure and privilege to welcome Most Worshipful Grand Master Michael Volkwein, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany, MW J.D. Stevens, Grand Master of the British Masons in Germany, MW Rint Akyüz, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Turkey, MW Remzi Sanver, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Turkey, RW Ian Livermore, Deputy Grand Master of the British Freemasonry in Germany.


Brethren, on your behalf and mine, as we celebrate today the 60th Anniversary of the ACGL, my thanks for their mentorship, support and presence go to the following individuals: MW Gerhard Severin, MW Paul Curran, MW Paul Litteral, MW James Barrett, MW Tayfun Cilingir, MW Jan Savarino and MW Daniel Jap Lim, “all” Past Grand Masters of the American Canadian Grand Lodge.” Please welcome them and thank you for a job well done. I welcome III Sir James Barrett 33, Representative of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasons, III Sir Ward Williamson, Executive Officer De Moley Germany, Officers, Brothers, Ladies and Families. Thank you all for traveling long distances to be here today.

Grand Master Luis A. BAEZ-DELGADO’s pin

It has been my honor to serve under MW Daniel Jap Lim, Past Grand Masters and other Grand Lodge Officers – “Thank you for your wisdom.”Thank you to my friend, girlfriend, wife and love of my life, Christine, for her constant support, understanding and encouragement. Also, thank you to “Mama” Helga Friedrich (Christine and my mother) for her love. I would like to thank RW Patrick Rodriguez and Lady Theresa: we are grateful for their presence and constant support. For many years they captured important moments during the annual communication and other events. “Thank you for what you do.”

I thank the Brothers of this Grand Lodge for choosing me to serve you. It is my great honor to accept the trust you all have placed in me. I pledge to maintain the high standards set by our Past Grand Masters as we celebrate 60 years of brotherhood. I look forward to working with the elected and appointed officers as faithful servants of our Grand Lodge. This year we will continue our efforts to improve our architecture and design to see if it works as well in practice as it looks on paper. Leadership roles, functionality, Masonic programs and teamwork is my vision, “Part Upon the Square” my motto. The task requires a lot of work and dedication, but with your support there is no doubt we can do it. All decrees remain in effect. Previous Edits are rescinded. Worshipful Masters must abide by the restrictions imposed by local authorities. Lodges, let us return to normal work. In closing, I would like to thank my brothers, ladies and guests for taking the time to spend this special moment with us. May the Great Architect of the Universe watch over and bless our military, our families and this brotherhood. May we continue to brighten lives and shine love here on earth; and when we meet at the beginning of our communication on the Level, we “part upon the square.”

Thank you!

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